Dear Customer, if you are on this website, it means that probably something went wrong in the processing of order and you are not content with your purchase.

However, there is no reason to be angry! Our company respects your rights. Below we have placed information that will quickly and comfortably help you to make a complaint or return goods under the right to withdraw from a contract.



According to applicable legal regulations, you have the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days, without providing grounds for such a decision.

The time limit for withdrawal from a contract expires within 14 days from the day  when you came into possession of the object or when a third person, other than a carrier, indicated by you came into possession of the object.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal from a contract, you have to inform us (Tafmet Tadeusz Fita ul. Katowicka 37/003, 45-061 Opole , Poland) about your decision on withdrawal from this contract by way of express declaration (for example letter sent by a post, fax or by an e-mail).

You may use the a contract withdrawal form, but it is not obligatory.

In order to keep the time limit for  withdrawal from a contract, you have to send information concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal from a contract prior to the laps of the time limit for withdrawal from a contract.

We may suspend the return of payment until the object will be delivered to us or we will receive the confirmation that the object has been sent to us, according as what will happen first.

Please send or give us the object promptly and, in any case, not later than 14 days from the day on which you informed us about withdrawal from this contract. The time limit will be kept if you send the object prior to the lapse of 14 days.

You will be obliged to incur the  direct costs of object return.

You are only liable for decreasing the object value which results from using it in different way than it was necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the object.


Pursuant to the applicable laws, we are liable to you, on the basis specified in the Civil Code, for any physical and legal defects.

You may use the complaint form, but it is not obligatory. 

After discovering a defect, you have the right to:

1. file a declaration of demanding price reduction;

2. file a declaration of withdrawal from a contract but not when the defect is insignificant;

3. demand replacement with an object free of defects;

4. demand the removal of the defect.

Within 14 days, we will express our opinion on your declaration or demand.

You are obliged to deliver the faulty object to us (Tafmet Tadeusz Fita ul. Katowicka 37/003, 45-061 Opole , Poland) and if the delivery is  be unduly hindered (for example because of the type of an object or the manner in which it is mounted) you are obliged to make the object available in the place in which the object is located.

We shall bear the costs of such replacement or repair, except if the faulty object was mounted. Then, you are obliged to bear part of the costs that exceed the price of the product. You have an alternative right to demand the payment of costs of disassembly and remounting, but for the price of the sold object.

We are liable under statutory warranty if physical defect is ascertained prior to the lapse of 2 years from releasing the object to you and if the subject of sale was the object used for one year from the moment of delivery. Your right is restricted in time up to one year, from the day of defect ascertainment, but does not lapse earlier than two years from the moment of delivering you the object and if the subject of sale was an object which was used until one year elapsed from the moment of delivering you the object.The exception is a situation when the product expiry date specified by us or by the producer lapses after 2 years from the moment of releasing the object to you. Then we are  liable under the statutory warranty for physical defects of such object ascertained until the lapse of this time limit.

Liability for legal defects is basically same, and the time for declaration starts from the moment of learning about the defect limitation periodsrun from the date when the ruling on the defective object becomes final and binding.

The issue of statutory warranty is very complex and we encourage you to read the Civil Code and websites of UOKiK and consumer organizations which precisely and extensively describe your rights. Our shop operates in accordance with law and respects the consumer rights. Therefore, the legal information which you will find there will be applied to contracts with us.

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