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TAFMET is a dynamically developing company operating in the production and sale of atypical and custom-designed parts for passenger cars. From the beginning of our activity, we focus primarily on the QUALITY and INNOVATION of our products. Our comments confirm this and the existing contractors can also confirm it. We provide our clients with reliable descriptions of sold parts, real photos, competitive prices and, what is very important - express order fulfillment.

Self-design of parts allows for proper shape adjustment and the use of radii and roundings in sensitive places. Thanks to this, each customer can be sure that each part is ideally suited to the place where it is to be used. A technological process is developed for each part and the finishing treatment is selected (polishing, satin finishing, vibro-abrasive machining, etc.).

We design all parts ourselves. In the first stage, they are developed in a 3D CAD program, then a program for a machine tool, laser / water cutter or bender is written, and in the final stage, the parts are tested in cars for fitability and functionality.

We also design and manufacture decorative elements for car interiors, advertising key rings and other laser cut elements on special request.

We work with automotive companies of various brands in Poland and abroad, we have participated in many new projects and commissioning.

We also work with companies in other countries. Our products can be found in car workshops, among others. in France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.