Comand Controller Scroll Knob Shaft Repair Part for Mercedes-Benz



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    Symptoms of fault

    Knob rotating but no response on the monitor. Knob works up-down-left-right but no rotation. When the wheel is turned, no reaction on the screen will be shown. All other functions such as confirming and tilting the controller are given.

    The fault:

    A plastic shaft within the scroller knob unit snaps causing the scroll function to no longer work on the screen. It is a common fault on these vehicles for the comand controller knob to stop functioning correctly. A poor-quality plastic shaft within the controller knob unit snaps. This causes the common symptom of the scroller rotating as normal but for there to be no reaction on the screen. If all other functions are working except the scroll this indicates this shaft has deteriorated and snapped, this is an extremely common fault. Mercedes Benz fix is to replace the complete knob and button unit, this is extremely expensive and would only fail again.

    The solution

    Restore full function with our replacement metal shaft. Our part allows you to replace just the shaft within the knob unit which fails, without having to replace the complete unit at vast expense which would just fail again. Our shaft is CNC machined from billet aluminium. Beware of 3d printed, plastic and cast metal parts which could fail again. Our part will last the life of the vehicle. Using our part replace just the component that fails with an improved design part and restore full function permanently


    • C-Class: W204, C204, S204
    • CLA-Class: C117, X117
    • E-Class: W212, S212, A207, C207
    • CLS-Class: S218, X218
    • GLK-Class: X204, X218
    • SLK-Class: R172

    Associated part numbers:

    • A2048709558
    • A2048704658
    • A2048704858
    • A2044420268
    • A2048700779
    • A2048700879
    • A2048702058
    • A2048702158
    • A2048704558
    • A2048704658
    • A2048707458
    • A2048707558
    • A2128702851
    • A2128702951
    • A1728701258
    • A2048700179
    • A2128701351
    • A2128701451
    • A2128701551
    • A2128702751
    • A2048707658
    • A2048707758
    • A2048708851
    • A2048708951
    • A2048700579
    • A2048700679
    • A2048701258
    • A2048709558
    • A2048709758
    • A2048709958
    • A2048700779
    • A2048702058
    • A2048700779
    • A2048702058
    • A1728701258
    • A1728701158
    • A2049020501

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