Angled Lambda O2 Oxygen Sensor Extender Spacer M18x1.5



Polished front surfaces enabling perfect tightening 
Washer in the set - ability to adjust the angle of screwing in the extender 
Threads made with dedicated tool - perfect accuracy and repeatability 
Exhaust gas inlet hole 2 mm. In extreme situations narrowing of the inlet hole prevents motor failure (driving at high speed) 
Professional quality of manufacturing

More details

9,00 € tax incl.

    In vehicles with EURO 3 and higher vehicle emissions standards the second lambda oxygen sensor emulator is located after the catalytic converter.

    It plays a diagnostics role. If it detects any irregularities on the basis of the data from the engine control unit it displays an error on the dashboard (a popular "CHECK ENGINE") and the engine can switch into emergency mode (depending on the make of car). It is often manifested by big power drop. These problems arise in the event of removal of the catalyst, its low efficiency, or its replacement with jet pump. 

    In such situations, it becomes necessary to mount THE SECOND LAMBDA OXYGEN SENSOR EXTENDER.

    The catalyst can effectively reduce the power output of 2 to 3%, and the maximum power speed of up to 5%. Its removal and the use of emulator is the easiest way to low-cost raise of power.

    The emulator can also help in case of problems with the LPG installation, which due to the detection of very rich mixture will display the CHECK ENGINE on the dashboard.

    Installation is very simple. Unscrew the lambda oxygen sensor, screw in the emulator in its place and then screw in the oxygen sensor



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